Friday, October 10, 2008

I fix your crap for you... that i if it aint got no dern 'puter chip in em..
Fans, lamps, dungarees... Couches, cabinets
Btwn Mary and I, we can fix almost everything.

Here below is a 1940's table that was painted (I know! PAINTED! How gross?) Purple! And before it was Red... Ad before that WHITE! Its almost down to bear wood now... I am going to be restoring the table (fixing the leaf, building a new pine drawer) and refinishing (staining and clear coating)

40s tin top under repair and refinishing. 10.10.08

40s tin top under repair and refinishing. 10.10.08

Watch the progress... Ill keep you updated... (oh p.s.
I am cheap)

upcoming projects... a 5 foot tall giant lamp that is a iron stairway (yeah... Just got to see it)
Also some Heywood-Wakefield couches and a foot stool. A Sikes 20's umbrella stand.
Lots of Arts and Craft era rebuilds and woven chairs!
I have been doing this stuff since I was a kid.. I learned it from my pa... as he did from his...
Granted it took me a long time to realize that some times its ok to be like your father.

Thanks Richard Christopher Straiton... (Its almost his B'day)