Genie In A Bottle

Hand crafted oils of power.  

Aphroditie Oil
The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality.

Moon Oil
Wear to induce psychic dreams, speed healing, facilitate sleep, 
increase fertility, and for all other lunar influences.
Also wear to attune with the full moon vibrations.

New Moon Hay Bouquet Oil
Used to turn over a new leaf, to attain a fresh perspective
on a difficult problem and especially to break a negative 
habit such as addiction and thought patterns.

Peace Oil
Wear as a personal oil to increase your own power of peace

Venus Oil
Anoint and wear to attract love and friendships,
to promote beauty, and for other Venusian influences.

As every zodiac changes, Genie In A Bottle will be creating an oil for that time.

Charged with the astrological aspects for this zodiac sign.
Attributes of Saturn, Capricorns ruling planet.

* All oils are blended by hand during specific astrologically influenced days.

*All contain organic essential and base oil of Jojoba