Sunday, November 15, 2009

Victory Over Death

Victory over Death is a sculpture we created to showcase the B.S. Mercantile frontier pants and cravats.

It was displayed on Nov.14.09 at Devotion Gallery for the Opening of Aire: The Second Fourfold Root

Victory Over Death - the elements

Wallpaper: Hand painted inspired by a victorian blood book called victory over death. The paper tells the story of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman who should have died many times. He was captured by pirates only to escape during a battle between the pirates and Indians. He went to live with a peaceful Indian tribe, surviving many battles only to leave after his wife was captures by another tribe. He joined a trapping company, while on a trapping hunt he was attacked by a grizzly bear and left to die by his comrades. He was determind to survive, crawling 600 miles to the nearest fort to seek his revenge. He survived the 4 month crawl on berries and determination. He died of old age.

The Frontier Pants by B.S. Mercantile: a recreation of a 1850's pattern.

The Cravat by B.S. Mercantile: inspired by the wild west

The Suspenders by B.S. Mercantile: Based on Victorian wedding suspenders. White silk, hand embroidered.

By Mark and Mary of Kill Devil Hill

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