Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LUC SCHWAB : Excavations


Recent paintings by
LUC SCHWAB : Excavations

Opening Reception : September 10th : 6pm-10pm
On View : September 10th - October 7th

Luc Schwab is a British born artist, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His new "excavation" paintings are an exploration of the history and meaning behind the human desire to communicate through art. These striking yet subtle works have the appearance of unidentified wall markings, scrawls, or even perhaps writing, preserved over the years by natural buildup and decay, then cut away to reveal what was once beneath. These works are collaged paper embedded in acrylic on wood panel, with a finished surface like that of polished marble. From a distance the paintings give an appearance of rough, hewn textured stone, but up close you see the soft and smooth surface, which entices the viewer to a closer inspection.

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